Happy Wheels
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Happy Wheels is a free online game and one of the funniest game on the internet that you can play anytime you want. In happy wheels unblocked, there's not much you can do in this game except for choosing the character, set your battleground and rolling in the wheels with your chosen characters.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Game is a simple game where you can choose up to 3 characters (there are 4 characters shown but 1 is available in the full version only). Once you finalize your character, you need to choose your playground where you wheel happily. There are many options available to play in. The main motive of this game is simple, choose the guy, select the ground you want to play in and run until and unless the guy is fully broken into pieces. Overall, this online game is total entertainment and time pass.


The Controls are easy and you can play it in a one go. All it involves are pointers, z, space, left shift and left ctrl button.

  • Up pointer is for acceleration.
  • Down pointer is for deceleration.
  • Right pointer is for lean forward. 
  • Left pointer is for lean backward.

Whereas Shift and Ctrl are for Secondary actions, Z is for eject and finally, Space button is for primary action i.e. grab after ejection.

So these are the simple controls of the online game Happy Wheels. And as I've said earlier, there are not many controls like in any other online games. You can easily play in your first try. And if you want to learn graphically, turn on the game and click on "Controls". 

Other options:

Unlike other games, here you can control the graphics of your game. For instance, this game has a lot of blood showing once the character is hurt or dead. So, for these situations, if you are letting your kid play this game, you can totally control this. 

There is 3 level of graphics available for this online game. Namely, Low, Medium and High. You can choose any one depending on your screen. Every player wants to play with the high graphics on to enjoy the beauty of the game but not all screen may support it. So, choose wisely.

Furthermore, there's an option available where you can control the maximum particles to be seen on the game screen. With 1000 being the maximum number, you can choose accordingly. Also, if you want no spouting blood to be seen while playing this game, set this mark to zero 0. 

Other options are Smoothing and Compressed Textures. These are all related to the graphics and screening. So, if you want it, check it. But if you don't have a big system or working on other materials on your PC at the same time then I suggest you leave them unchecked. 

Also, you can mute/unmute the game sound on this page. FYI, the game sound gets noisy if played for more than a minute or two.

So, these are the options you can control via "Option" from the home page.

So, these are the controls and options available in the Happy wheels demo. 

Lastly, this is the demo version only. There are many limitations in the demo version and full version. Like, the characters are limited, and the gaming grounds are few in a demo version. But in my honest opinion, there's not so much difference in the demo and full versions. But however, if you want to enjoy the full Happy Wheels Game, click on "Visit full Game" option from the homepage.

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