Apple Shooter Champ
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Apple Shooter Champ

Here, in this game, you need to shoot the bow in the apple that is placed in your girlfriend's head. If the bow is misled, your girlfriend is dead which means you lose.


You'll be starting off with level 1. Here your distance to the apple is 30 ft. You need to target accordingly and if you get it right to the apple, you'll win and level up too. And in Level 2 your distance from the apple will be 35 ft. Which means, every time you level up, your distance will be 5 ft far from the previous level which makes it pretty hard to aim properly.

Also, you'll be given 4 chance or let's say 4 lives which means you won't be starting from the beginning level until you kill your girlfriend for 4 times. 

The good point is in case you miss the target and didn't kill your girlfriend; you won't lose your life. 


Drag your mouse up and down to control your bow and press the mouse button for the speed. And to release the arrow, release the mouse click.

Pro tip: You'll lose a life if you kill your girlfriend. So, if you're confused, aim much higher.

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