AZ Tank Trouble
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AZ Tank Trouble

Az Tank trouble is the tank in a maze game where you need to bomb your opponent(s). You can play two players and three players as well. The best thing about this game is, you can be killed with your own bullet. Therefore, you need to aim right and be supersonic.


As you can play three players in this game there are three controls.

For player 1  you need to control your tank with E, S, D and F . Press 'E" to move forward, "S" to move left, "F" to move right, "D" to move backward and "Q" to shoot a bullet.

For player 2 you need to control with the arrow buttons and "M" to shoot a bullet.

For player 3 you need to control with your mouse. Mouse Click to shoot a bullet.

Pro tip:

Controlling your tank is much easier with a mouse rather than with a keyboard.


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