Bass Fishing Pro
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Bass Fishing Pro

Bass Fishing Pro is a fishing game where you'll be given a mission to catch a certain number of fish in given amount of time. If you complete it, you'll level up. Else, you'll lose.

This is a simple game where you need to row your boat to the appropriate area where there are lots of fishes and get down your bait. 

How to play

  1. Move your boat with the arrow key. Right Key to move front and Left key to move back.
  2. Once your position is set, press Down arrow to lower your fishing bait. You need to keep on pressing the Down button to reach the maximum depth of the water. If you release the button, the fishing bait will automatically come up.
  3. Make sure the bait touches the head of the fish, else the fish won't be trapped.

Pro tip;

Timing is the key here. You need to understand the speed of the fishing bait lowering down the water and the fish movement. Once you learn this, it'll be easy for you to catch any fish at any level. Therefore, try to understand the timing in your first few games.

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