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Billards is a 8 ball pool game where you can play 2 players and enjoy with your friend. 8 ball pool game is played with 15 balls and 1 cue ball. 1-7 the solid ones and 9-15 the stripes and whoever get the 8 ball at the last, wins the game. Also, if any one player gets 8 ball in the pocket before getting all his balls, he loses. Therefore, you need to get the number and color of the ball carefully.

There are no levels and mission in this game. All you need to do is play one set of game, and enjoy it. Whether you're playing wth a bot or with your friends.

How to play

Use the mouse to set the direction of hit. And click and hold to set the speed. Release the mouse click to hit the ball.

Unline other 8 ball pool game, there's not assistance in the direction. 

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