Can Your Pet
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Can your pet is a simple game where you need to style your pet, shower them, play with them, feed them, etc.

Here you need to style a bird first. For instance, you need to select the eye styling, moustache, clothes etc. Overall, you need to present your pet first.

Once you're done styling, you need to feed it until the red bar at the left side of the screen gets full.

How to Play

Once the feeding time is over, shower them. This is really tricky as the bird tends to move a lot and you'll have a limited amount of water to shower it. So, make sure you get the bird to the middle of the screen before showering.

Now, it's time to play some game with the bird. You'll be given a football or soccer ball to play with it. Remember, as the bird plays with it, its energy bar decreases. Therefore, you need to feed it again. 

There are few other tools too. It's better you check it out yourself and enjoy the game.

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