Champion Archer
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Champion Archer

Champion Archer is an archery game where you are in a battlefield along with your friends and you need to kill your enemy with your bow and arrow. The interesting part is, you will be joined by your friends but you are only one with bow and arrow. All your friends will have a sword. Which being said, you can kill the enemy from the far distance.

The more you kill, the more coins you earn.

Your health bar is on the upper left-hand side of the screen. 


Move your mouse up and down to target. Hold the mouse button to set the speed of the bow. 

If you wish to move forward click "D", "A" to move backward. 

Kill all the enemy to finish the game and level up.

Pro tip:

Shoot the arrow in the head to kill your enemy in one shot and for a bonus. Also, it's better if you stay in one position and shoot the arrows rather than moving forward and shooting the bows.

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