Clicker Monsters
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Clicker Monsters

Clicker Monster is a game where you need to defeat the monster by clicking on it the numbers of times that are shown in the detail.

This is a multi-level game where you need to level up as you defeat the monster and earn some coins.

As you level up, your click damage will increase too. This will enable you to defeat the monster in a few clicks. So, in order to have a more damaging power, you need to defeat many monsters as possible.

How to play

  1. Click on the monster the number of times shown to defeat it.
  2. You need to defeat the monster for a few times to move on to the next monster.
  3. But it's up to you to choose which monster you want to play.
  4. As you defeat the monster, your earning will increase, and as you reach a certain amount, the 'Level Up' button will lighten up. So, click on that to strengthen your armour which will lead to kill your opponent faster.

Pro tip

Click on the mouse as fast as you can to kill the monster and earn the coins. As soon as you earn enough coins, level up and continue clicking the monsters.

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