Crunchy Munch
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Crunchy Munch

Cunchy Munch is a pacman game where you need to eat all the dots and stay safe from the ghost that are hunting you. But once you eat the special candy, you can eat the ghost too,. But remember, there's a time limit on this one. You need to eat the ghose as they are blinking, if they stop blinking, you'll die if you touch them.

Your goal here is to eat all the dots and to be safe from the ghost. Once you eat all the dots, you'll level up.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move the pac man. Up arrow to move Up. Right arrow to move right. Left arrow to move left and Down arrow to move down.

These are only keys you need to emember in this game.

Pro tip

Concentrate only on eating dots. Do not waste your time in eating the ghost.

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