Cubi Kill 3
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Cubi Kill 3

Cubi Kill 3 is simple yet hard to understand game where you need to collect the things in the office and make it as a weapon to kill other people by throwing those things to them. 

By doing so, you'll earn points. You need to click on the items you want to pick. Your inventory can hold up to 10 items. There're papers and plastics cups as well which don't do any harm to others. So, you should not pick those items and full your inventory, rather you need to pick up some heavy things like pots, printers, chairs, etc, which will do some serious damage while throwing.

How to Play

  1. Click on the items you want to pick.
  2. Click on the person's face to throw the items.
  3. You can choose the items that you want to throw. Just click on the items at the upper right corner and choose the one you want to throw.

Pro tip

Do not make inventory full by picking some small items that don't do harm. Instead, pick up some heavy machines that can do serious damage.

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