De Animator
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De Animator

De Animator is a zombie massacre game where you need to kill the zombies with your pistol. This is a multi-level game where you need to pass the first stage to unlock the next stage. If you didn't complete the first level, you can play the second one. Therefore, kill all the zombies to win the game.

How to play

  • Move the mouse to move your gun up and down.
  • Mouse click to shoot.
  • Each round has 6 bullets, and once the bullets are used up, it reloads automatically.

Pro tip

Kill the zombies as they rise up from the ground. Do not shoot them in the head, they won't die. Instead, shoot them in the heart and they'll die. Also, shoot them fast and do not let them come closer. If they do and your bullets are finished, then they'll kill you. 

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