Dead For You
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Dead For You

Dead For You is a shooting game where all the players and your enemies are in the lego form and you need to kill them all. You'll be starting the game with the pistol and along the way, you need to pick up weapons lying on the ground. There are many zombies coming along your way. So, you need to walk fast and shoot to kill them all.

The green line above your body is the health line. Watch that closely. You can change the weapon across the game. Just change the controls in the options section to choose the easiest one. Or else, it would be in the default mode. You can choose the maps and characters as well.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to move the player in the respective directions.
  • Use W, S, A, D to move the second player.
  • Change the other game controls from the option to set it easily.

Pro tip

There are many barrels on the map. You can get the zombies in the perfect position and shoot the barrel for maximum damage. 

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