Dynasty Street Fight
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Dynasty Street Fight

Dynasty Street Fight is a Stickman fighting game where you'll need to kill all the enemy in the streets as you pass by. If you are completely new to this game, no worries, you'll get a practice session in the Dojo section. Here, learn all the moves and specials of this game. 

This game has 3 main sections, you can play on any one of those. Adventure, Survival, and Tournament.

The gameplay is the same in all these playgrounds. Only the objective is different.

In Adventure, you need to kill your enemy along the street and collect the weapons and power-ups. 

In Survival, you need to test yourself on how long can you hold on to the game as a new enemy will pop up every 2 seconds. There's plenty of power-ups in this game.

In Tournament, you'll fight in different areas with more opponents. You need to clear one area to move onto the next where you'll find the same number of opponents as before.

How to play

Gameplay is simple. All you need to do is

  1. Use your arrow key to move the player. Up arrow to jump
  2. Right and left arrow to move right and left.
  3. Down arrow to sit back.
  4. Hold the Shift and arrow key to move faster.
  5. Z to kick and
  6. X to punch.

Pro tip:

This game has objectives and mission which makes it more interesting. So, do not forget to see the intro video. Do not skip it. And also, if this is your first time, first off, play the Dojo. Here, you'll do the practise and learn the moves.

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