Escaping The Prison
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Escaping The Prison

Escaping the prison is a strategic game where you need to choose an option among 6 others to perform a task. If you choose the right one from the beginning, you'll be successful and be able to complete the mission. But if you choose the wrong option, you'll lose.

The best thing about this game is that, if you choose any options, it will do some stunt with it. 

Here, you need to choose the options wisely as everything seems to be a match. Therefore, make a wise move and finish the mission.

How to play

  1. As this is a game where you need to choose an option, the only thing you need to do is click on the available option.

Pro tip:

Think before you choose the option. You need to think as if you're in that same situation and what option would you choose if you need to complete that mission.

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