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Fancypants Adventure world

Fancypants Adventure World is an extraordinary game where you need to get back your prize that has been stolen by a giant rabbit. And to get that prize back you need to follow the rabbit down the hole and face the consequences. There are huge spiders and other creatures that you need to be safe of. If you touch them you'll lose a part of your life. And if you touch them 3 times, you die and you need to start from the beginning. So, totally ignore them.

The player in this game moves really fast, so you need to play slow and get used to his speed.

How to play:

There is not much control in this game.

  • Use the arrow keys to move the player. Right and left key to move right and left direction. Down arrow to move downwards.
  • Press S to jump.

So, these are the basic controls you need to remember. There are other controls that you'll unlock as you level up. They'll show you the moves and controls too.

 Pro tip

Get used to the speed of that player. Jump and step on the spides to stop them and jump over again to kill them. But remember, do not touch them. Just jump over them.

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