Figure Badminton
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Figure Badminton

Figure badminton is a stickman badminton game where you can play two players too. Also, while playing one player, you have the option to play with a mouse or with keyboards. However, I'd recommend you to play with the keyboard as it is more easy with it.

How to play:

For player one:

  1. Use your arrow key to move front and back. Also, press up arrow key to jump.
  2. Press down arrow key to swing.

For player two:

  1. Press "W" to jump. 
  2. Press "D" and "A" to move back and front.
  3. Press "S" to swing.

For Mouse:

  1. Right-click to swing.
  2. Move your mouse to move back and front and to jump in the air too.

Pro Tip:

Jump and swing to dominate the game. Also, whoever takes 7, wins.

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