Fireboy and Watergirl 4
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Fireboy and Watergirl 4

This is the 4th version of the famous Fireboy and Watergirl game. If you're familiar with this game, you can directly continue the playing as all the controls and staging are same and there's no chance at anything. But if you're new to this, here's what you need to know.

Fireboy and Watergirl are two special characters which have their own unique superpowers. One can walk on water whereas one can walk on fire. Another interesting thing is, you need to control both these players at the same time in the same game. Yes, you heard it right, you need to control these two players at the same time to complete the stage and level up.

If anyone of these dies in the game, you lose. Also, you need to use their unique superpowers to unlock the door and complete the level.

How to play

The controls are easy as there's not much involved in this game. The only this hard in this game is you need to control two players at the same time. So, here's the control,

  • Use the arrow keys to control the  Fireboy. Up to jump, Right to move Right and Left to move Left.
  • Use W, S, A, D to move Watergirl. W to jump, S to down, A to move left and D to move right.

Pro tip

Move one player at the time to play it easily and make it look comfortable. If you try to move both the players at the same time, you'll confuse a lot and lose the game.

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