Fleabag vs Mutt
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Fleabag vs Mutt

Fleabag and Mutt is a game where you need to throw the items to a cat that is seaing at other end o the fence. Here you can play 1 player and 2 player also. The main goal is to get the right target and get your opponent i.e. cat die soon. So, you need to set the right target and hit it hard on the head.

How to play

Hold the mouse click to increase the speed and power. Release the mouse click to throw.

You need to watch the wind metre and throw accordingly. If the wind is strong at the opposite direction, you'll need a strong force to throw above the fence. But if the wind is strong in the right direction, you'll need little force.

You can choose the 4 items before playing the game. Choose your items wisely.

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