Gibbets 2
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Gibbets 2

Gibbets 2 is an arrow game where you need to rescue people hanging on the rope by cutting their rope with your arrow. Sounds simple but there's some twist into it. You need to do it in a given amount of time and with limited arrows. 

You'll see the life bar slowly decreasing above the person's head. So, if you took much time adjusting your arrow, you lose. Also, there're a limited amount of arrows in a single game. You need to complete it with that numbers only. If you're out of arrows, you fail.

How to Play

  1. Use the mouse to adjust the direction.
  2. Click and hold and pull the bow to adjust the speed of your arrow.
  3. There are few levels where you'll get only one arrow but needs to rescue 2 people. In that case, you need to shoot for the 3 arrow bonus to get bonus arrows. But remember, time is much valuable thing in this game. You need to do adjust and shoot very fast to win this game.

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