Gravity Guy
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Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy is a running game where you are chased by a cop and all you need to do is run up and down so that you don't get caught and fall. Here, the only thing you need to do is switch your position to Up or Down. There's nothing as acceleration or braking or move right/ left. So, basically the player is running automatically and all you need to do is control whether he goes up or down.

How to play

As there's not much to do in this game, the control/s are simple,

  1. Press the Mouse click or press Space to switch Up and Down.


Make sure you don't get fallen and get caught by the cop that is chasing you. Also, this is a high score game. The more you run, the more distance you cover and more high score.

As you keep on running, the speed gets high and there'll be lots of obstacles on the way. 

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