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Hit the Jackpot

Hit the Jackpot is basically the archery game where you can play in three different missions namely, middle European Tournament, Grand Prix of the Mediterranean Sea and Baltic Sea Tournament. 

This is not just another archery game where you need to hit the arrow at the center of the board and you'll be rewarded by it. This game is much more difficult than you thought of. Here, you need to watch out the wind speed plus the time you took to hit the bow. So, this makes it more challenging than the normal archery game.

How to play:

First of all, set your nickname. Then you need to choose the place you want to play on. Once that is done, you'll be landed on the battlefield. Basically, the controls are simple. 

  1. You'll see the circle object at the mid-right corner of the game screen. You need to move your mouse around that area to control your bow. And click on it to shoot.
  2. Aiming is the hard part as the wind might interrupt your aiming. Therefore, your hand control needs to be rock steady.
  3. Click on the "Next Trial" once your shoot the bow to play another round.
  4. You need to watch the time too.
  5. Available distance are 50m, 70m and 90m.
  6. The more your Experience, the more control you have in your aiming

Pro Tip:

Watch out for the wind.


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