Hobo 3 Wanted
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Hobo 3 Wanted

Hobo 3 Wanted is a street fighting game where you need to walk in the street and beat and kill the passersby along the way. Until and unless you killed all the people in the way, you can't move ahead. Therefore, you need to kill each and everybody.

Some people may shoot you with guns, but you need to defend it and attack them.

You'll start with simple combat. Only Kick and punch. And as you kill your enemy, you'll unlock different combos and combats as you level up. 

How to play

  1. Use the arrow key to move the player. Up arrow to move up. Down arrow to move down. Right arrow to move to the right and Left arrow to move to the left.
  2. A to Kick and S to Punch.
  3. And you'll unlock many combos and fights along the way as you level up. You'll be notified the buttons and the actions in the screen.

You can choose the difficulty of the game. There are 3 levels of difficulty. Start off with easy. If you think you're a pro. Play on Hard to enjoy the game.

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