Human Darts
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Human Darts

Human Darts is a dart game where the human is tied in the rotating circle table and 12 dartboards around him. You need to target at those darts boards. You'll be provided with 4 darts. If you hit the dart in the board or outside the board, it will be returned to you after a few seconds and you can use it again. but if you throw the darts at the human body, it will fall off and you can't use it. Therefore, your main target is to hit the bullseye in the dartboard. And if not, get it across the table. but do not let it in the human body.

First few levels are simple but as you level up, it gets harder. The table rotates in much speed and it's hard to make a target.

How to play

Click on the target to throw the dart. But as the table keeps on rotating, it sticks to some other place. Therefore, make a target according to the speed of the rotation.

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