Kakato Otoshi
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Kakato Otoshi

Kakato Otoshi online game is much more similar to Jenga where you need to eliminate the blocks without disturbing the other elements. Sounds easy right? But there's a twist in it. You need to remove the block with the help of a hammer that is constantly moving up and down at the same speed. Here, you need to press the "Hit" button at the right time to hit the block so that it would remove in a single shot. However, if you fail to remove the block in one shot, you'll lose your point plus you may hit other blocks in the second attempt and lose the game as well. 

How to play

Here, in this game, you need to remove the show heels (divided into 3 or 4 pieces) with the help of the hammer. The hammer, however, keeps on moving up and down at the same speed. So, all you need to do is click the 'Hit' button located at the bottom of the screen to hit the hammer. Once all the heels are removed without any obstacles, you win. The more time you waste for the right time to hit the hammer, the more money you lose. Therefore, you need to finish this game as soon as possible. 

Pro tip:

Calculate the perfect timing to hit the hammer. In this way, you'll execute the blocks.

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