Kawai Run 2
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Kawai Run 2

Kawai run is a running game where you need to complete the run with different obstacles. The rule is simple, just don't traped in hazards. This game has multiple levels and in order to unlock those levels, you need to complete the beginning level first. You need to set your nickname and your password to play the game. However, you can pit as a guest. But if you want to keep all the records, it's better to register first. This game has a mission too. complete these missions and you'll get bonus points. You can play online multiplayer and local multiplayer too. 

How to play:

  1. Press up arrow to jump.
  2. Double press up arrow to jump and to remain in the air.
  3. Down arrow to slide.
  4. Right arrow to run faster
  5. Press up arrow followed by a right arrow to jump over big obstacles.

In case of local multiplayer,

  1. W to jump; double press W to jump and remain in the air.
  2. S to slide.
  3. D to run forward.

You can choose your runner too. There are 4 options to choose from at the beginning.

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