Mahjong Connect
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Mahjong Connect

This is a classic Mahjong Connect game where you need to choose the same card to eliminate it and once you finish all the cards, you win. There are time limits and multi-levels in this game. There are 12 levels in this game.

How to play

  1.  Click on one card and look for its match and click on that card too. If the card matches, it'll eliminate, if not, you need to try again.
  2. If you find it difficult, click on the hint button at the bottom right corner of the gaming screen. It'll show you the matching cards.
  3. but remember, hints are limited and can be used only 5 times in a game.

Pro tip:

There are no tips and technique in this game. This is a pure classic game of Mahjong where you need to memorize the pattern and act accordingly.

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