Monkey Cliff Diving
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Monkey Cliff Diving

Monkey Cliff Diving is a diving game where you'll be diving in the tidal sea wave. Monkeys will pop up from the cliff above and you need to click on each one of them to make them jump. 

As the monkeys will be diving in the tidal wave, you need to make them jump when the tide is high. Or else, they'll smash on the rock below and die. You;ll have 5 lives, in other words, if 5 monkeys dies, you'll be out of the game and need to start over. 

Furthermore, there are 3 types of monkes in this game.

Skinny Monkey: It has trouble with gravity. So, these types of monekys dive slow and take more time that other monekys to reach at the bottom. So, make sure you do the calculation and click on the right time to make the perfect dive.

Hat Monkey: This type of monkeys have trouble with the wind. If theres strong blow of wind, they'll be blown away far away than their regualr position.

Average Monkey: These type of monekys has trouble with his wife.

How to play

Timing is the main key in this game. You need to click the monkeys at the right time to make a perfect dive and also to keep in mind the types of monkeys. So, you need to be quick and click the monkeys at the right tidal waves.

Also, the points you'll get is in directly related to how fast the monkeys jump. So, do not wait too much for the right time. If you take a lot of time to jump, you'll get less points. 

Overall, the quicker the monkeys dives, the more points you get. Leave it for long time, it'll dive anyway.

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