Moto X3M 3 Winter
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Moto X3M 3 Winter

Moto X3M 3 Winter is a bike racing game where you need to race a bike, fly high and do some stunts to collect some cool points. Here, you won't be racing with any opponents, you'll be riding solo and doing some stunts.

How to play

  1. Press Up to accelerate.
  2. Press Down to brake.
  3. Left to lean/ tilt backward.
  4. Right to lean/ tilt front.

Timing is the key here. The faster you finish, the more stars you'll earn. Also, there's a checkpoint in this game so that if you cross that path and die, you don't need to start from the beginning. Instead, you'll be continuing from that particular checkpoint. So, try to finish the race as fast as you could and try not to die and finish the race in one shot.

This is a multi-level game, where the starts are determined by the time you finished the race. If you finished the race within 28 seconds, you'll get 3 stars. If you took 35 seconds to finish, you'll get 2 stars. but if you take more than that, you'll get the 1 star. Therefore, try not to die in the game. Don't rush to get the 3 stars. Because this is the reason many people make mistakes and took more time instead. 

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