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Paladin is a strategic game where you need to complete the different levels of game to move on to the next level. This is the complete strategic game where you need to use your common sense rather than being in combat.

This game, however, involves violence and killing but not like in the other games. You need to strategize your plan and complete the actions.

How to play:

You can view the whole controls in the instruction menu and also, you can customize it which means you can change and set the key for certain controls so that it'll be easy for you to play and concentrate on the game. So, here's the basic and default controls:

  • Mouse click to attack with a sword.
  • Q to use a health potion.
  •  A, S, W, D for movement of main player.
  • Space to Jump.
  • F to kick or Fly down.
  • E to use Aura Potion.
  • Shift to Spell attack mode.

So, these are the controls you need to remember. Actually, this game has a lot of controls compared to other games. It's hard to remember all of them for the newbies but if you're a pro at this, you'll get them all.

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