Raft Wars
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Raft Wars

Raft war is a fun battle game to play in your leisure time. here in this game, you will be battling with many enemies.

There are many levels of this game. So, once you finish one mission, you are up for more. 

In this game, you and your enemy shoot one at the time. And also, your weapon will be a tennis ball and the weapon of your opponent will vary according to their nature. Like, if you are battling with a pirate, their weapon will be canon, if they are Vikings, their weapon will be axe.

Furthermore, you'll earn some cash if you won the battle. So, you can use those cash to buy grenades, rocket launcher for the next battle.

How to Play

  • Move your mouse up and down to set the height.
  • Move your mouse right and left to set the distance.
  • Click to shoot.
  • Once you hit the enemy, the life bar will show up above their head.

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