Renegade Racing
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Renegade Racing

Renegade Racing is a car racing game where you need to race and do the stunt to earn some coins. You can use those coins to upgrade your vehicle and unlock levels.

This is a multi-level game where you need to play and win one race game to unlock another level. As you do some cool stunts while flying, the nitro boost bar begins to fill up. As the bar fills up, you'll get an instant boost in the racing. So, keep on doing some flips in the air to get the boost

How to play

  1. Up key for accelerating.
  2. Down key for brake.
  3. Left key to flip backside.
  4. Right key to flip front side.
  5. If you find this hard, you can use W, S, A, D for accelerating, Braking, Backside flip, and front flip respectively.

Pro tip

You need to upgrade your vehicle for better performance. So, you won't be winning the races in the early days of your gaming. Therefore, play hard, do some more stunts and earn some points so that you can upgrade or buy new cars for better performance.

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