Return Man 2
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Return Man

Return man 2 is an American Football game. Here, you need to run to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball. 

You need to run by tackling the defenders and get to the end zone. But you need to watch out for the opponent defenders. It's not as easy as it sounds. You also need to watch out for the kickers. Don't let them catch you. If they do, they'll slow you down. if you didn't make it to the end zone, you'll lose a possession.

You can show some special moves like spinning, front flip etc but you need to unlock these features. You won't get it at the very beginning of the game. You need to earn it.

There are multiple stages in this game. You need to unlock it by completing the first stage.

How to play

  1. I to move forward.
  2. K to run backward.
  3. L to run to right.
  4. J to run to left.

Special moves

  1. A to Spin.
  2. S for Speed burst.
  3. D for the front flip.

Pro tip:

Overall, this is a simple game where you need to get the ball and get that ball to the end zone. And while running with the ball, you need to make sure to not be in contact with opponent's defender. It'll slow you down and you'll some points. Therefore, you need to run in zigzag and confuse the defenders.

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