Rogue Soul II
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Rogue Soul II

Rogue Soul II is a storyline game where you need to beat the enemies, collect the loot and earn the points. This is a multi-level game. Here, each level has a mission and you need to complete that mission to move on to the next level. 

Also, as you earn coins, you can upgrade your weapons, armor, skins, almost everything you can upgrade with it.

You can choose the difficulty level. Play on Easy mode for the first-timers and play on hard mode if you are pro. But playing in hard is highly recommended for the real fun.

How to play

  1. Use the arrow keys to control the player.
  2. Up key to jump.
  3. Left key to stop or move backward.
  4. Right key to move forward.
  5. Down key to move down.
  6. Z to Slide and X to throw at the enemies.

You can choose another control as well i.e. W, S, A, D for the arrow key functions and J to slide and K to throw.

Pro tip:

Read the instruction first. Play the tutorial game and learn about the mission before starting of the game. You need to do exactly what your mission says to complete your game. If you don't, you won't be able to finish the game. Also, loot many coins as possible. It will help you to upgrade your moves, items, weapons, parachutes, costumes, etc.

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