Run 3
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If you like spending time playing simple games with no strategic plans to recruit, you'll love Run 3. This game is all about running and jumping and staying away from the obstacles. 

Run 3

This Online game is all about running and jumping from the gaps. All it takes is the right and left arrow for the direction and Spacebar or up arrow to jump. Be aware that you can run through the ceilings and side walls of the game. Also, there's a white block of tile which will break once you touch them. Therefore, make sure you don't want to run through those tiles a lot. 

As you continue your run, you'll automatically level up. To see the level you're in, just click on the galaxy map from the homepage. Trust me, the leveling in this game is awesome.

There are two modes of gameplay in this online game. Explore Mode and Infinity Mode.

In Explore Mode, once you die or fall, you'll automatically continue from the same spot. So, basically, it's like the trial game. Whereas in the Infinity Mode, once you fall, your game is over and you have to start from the beginning. Also, there's a high score thing in this game. So, in order to set your high score, you need to play Infinity mode on Run 3. You can't have a high score playing explore mode. 

Game Controls: 

  • Right Arrow to move Right
  • Left Arrow to move Left
  • Space Bar/ Up Arrow to Jump.

Click on the Music sign to mute the game music.

Run 3 is also available in android. Now you can download the app and enjoy the game in your mobile.

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