Shopping Cart Hero
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Shopping Cart Hero

Shopping cart hero is the fun game where you need to run downhill in the shopping cart and jump to collect the points.

Total points are calculated on the basis of the height you jumped and the distance you covered with that cart.

So, this is a simple game with no levels. But here you do it for the high score. 


Press right arrow, hold it and as you see the sign "Get in" click "Up" arrow. As you get in the cart, you'll be going downhill and fly high in the sky. This is the part where you need to show some actions and collect some cool points. But make sure, if you land up dead by showing coll stunts, your points will be deducted.

As you collect points, you can upgrade your cartwheels, rocket boosters so that your cart pick up more race and you can add some people in the cart. Also, you can unlock the stunt play so that you can show them while flying and collect extra points.

Pro tip:

As you run downhill, you need to get in the cart at the right time to gain the maximum momentum. 


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