Stick Squad 2
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Stick Squad 2

Stick Squad 2 is the sniper gunshot game where you need to complete the different mission and if completed, you earn cash. 

Unlike other games, you cannot play in the normal mode. Once you enter the mission the only viewing mode is of the magnifying scope of your sniper gun. So, this makes it more challenging and hard to complete. 

Don't worry it's not as hard as it sounds. As the game starts, you are shown the man you need to shoot which makes it a bit easier to find out the hiding men.

You can upgrade your weapon as you earn more cash from the mission.


Move your mouse pointer to locate the enemy and click to hit the bullet. 

Pro tip

Do not skip the story mode before each mission as you'll be getting a lot of clues and information from that intro. Also, as the game starts, you'll be shown all the enemy where they are hiding; so you do need to memorize it for the easy mission. Lastly, always target for the headshot.

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