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Stickshot is a huge game compared to other games on this website. Here you need to go through the comic story to get the mission and complete it accordingly.

If this is your first time, you can play survival mode to practice your shooting skills. And once you're perfect, you can go on for the mission.

As you've completed a mission, you will be rewarded some cash and you can upgrade your armor. 

This game ends when you run out of money and ammo or all the 5 levels have been completed.


You need to watch the story before the game to get the instructions and clues for the mission.

Mouse: to aim

Space bar: zoom, use scope

Left click: shoot when zoomed in

W to unhide or stand up

S to hide or lay low.

Complete the mission to earn the reward and upgrade your armor. get a headshot to get more rewards.

You can choose the difficulty level at the beginning of this game. If you like it pro then choose Hard, or else click Easy.


Do not skip the story before the mission. This is the main part as you'll be getting clues and information. I repeat, do not skip.


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