Stunt Dirt Bike
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Stunt Dirt Bike

Stunt Dirt bike is a simple solo bike racing game where you need to complete the race as fast as possible while ignoring all the obstacles in the race.

There are many obstacles in the game. You need to pass those and finish the race as soon as possible to get more points and time bonuses as well. There are 2 bikes available for you to start the game. And as you complete few races, the other 2 bikes will unlock. 

How to play

  • Up arrow to accelerate.
  • Down arrow to brake and move back.
  • Right arrow to lean forward
  • Left arrow to lean backward.
  • P to pause the game.
  • R to restart the level.

Pro tip

Lean properly on the logs to control the bikes and most importantly, while in the air. If you don't, you'll crash and restart from the beginning.

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