Tank Trouble
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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a game where you need to shoot down your opponent tank. Here, you need to play 2 players or also you can play 3 players too. You can't play with the bot like in other games.

The game is simple, control your tank and shoot at your opponent. But you need to remember that, you'll be inside the maze and the canon that you shoot, will hit the walls and returns back. In other words, you need to be safe from your opponent's fire and as well as your canon.

How to play

  1. A, S, W. D to move the player 1 tank up, down, right and left. Q to shoot.
  2. Use the arrow key to move your tank for player 2. And  M to shoot.

Pro tip

Do not stay in one place only. You need to continuously move along and shoot so that your opponent can not make a steady target.

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