TG Motocross 2
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TG Motocross 2

TG Motocross 2 is a moto rally game where you need to ride a bike through hills and finish the race. Here, you won't be racing with other opponents. Whereas, you'll be riding alone. And also, the track is much difficult and if you die or roll over the bike, you need to continue again from the start. But remember, you only got 3 chances. If you cant complete in 3 chances, you'll lose and you won't be able to unlock the new map. Therefore, you need to win and complete the race to unlock new race tracks.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to control the bikes
  • Up arrow for acceleration.
  • Down for brakes.
  • RIght arrow to lean forward.
  • Left arrow to lean backward.
  • Use Up arrow and Right arrow to ride with leaning forward.
  • Use Up arrow and Left arrow to ride with leaning backward.

Pro tip

Play couple of times to get your hands on. 

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