The Gun Game
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The Gun Game

The gun game is a firing game where you need to choose your gun and complete your mission to unlock another level. However, in this game, you won't be killing anyone, rather, you will be defending your territory with some balls with the number written in it. The number represents how many bullets it needs to blow off.

There are three campaigns:

  • Defense Campaign
    • Here, you need to defend your territory. This is just like the bubble game where if the bubble hits the floor, you lose. Similarly, the balls will approach at you at the same speed and you need to shoot those balls and stop them. 
  • Offense Campaign
    • Here, the ball will be covered with the wooden sticks and moves up and down randomly. So, you need to aim at the ball and shoot at it.
  • Efficiency Campaign
    • Here, you'll be in combat with another gunman. You need to defend yourself and kill that gunman to win the level.

How to play:

  1. Move your mouse to move your gun.
  2. There'll be an auto reload.
  3. you need to fire from the firing zone only. If you tend to move forward, your gun won't fire.

Pro tip:

Choose the gun according to your campaigns.

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