The Impossible Quiz
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The Impossible Quiz

The impossible quiz is a simple quiz game with a question and 4 options to it. You need to choose the right one to move ahead in this game. There are no life line, you need to guess if it's confusing. 

The questions are simple and sometimes its silly and out of the box. So, in this case, you need to make a guess.

You'll have 3 life. One wrong answer deducts 1 life. If you lose all 3 life, you need to start from the begining. And to make things right, when you're restarting from the begining, the questionaire are the same. So, you can make it far in this game.

How to play

Click on the option that you think is the right answer. If it's the right one, you move ahead to the next question. If it's the wrong answer, you'll see the wrong answer notice and your 1 life will be deducted.

Overall, this is a fun game to play with. You won't be facing some serious and hard questions like in the Who want to be a Millionaire. There are some funny questions as well which you need to answer it by guessing. 

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