Thumb Fighter
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Thumb Fighter is the simple game that you can enjoy anytime and with anyone. The gameplay is easy. All you need to do is press your opponent thumb hard enough to with the match.

Thumb Fighter

First off, choose your character thumb. There are many characters available like Bat Thumb, Che, Pew Pie (famous youtuber) etc. To choose the persona, press the pointer next to the thumb. Once you select both of the thumb fighter characters, grant the bot access to one of them by clicking on the thumb sign next to the name of the thumb (if you'd like to play with the bot). But if you'd like to play two player, leave as it is. here's what it looks like:

Here, in the image above, the thumb sign next to Bobbie indicates the player 1 and the mobile sign next to Soldier indicates bot.

You can also download this game in your android device and enjoy it on your phone.

Game Controls:

Press A if you're playing from the left-hand corner and press L if you're playing from the right. That's it. 

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