Tom and Jerry Dinner
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Tom and Jerry Dinner

This is a game where you need to serve the dinner to your customers and earn some cash to upgrade your account. Here, your character is Tom and you're working as a waiter in a restaurant. And the customers are Jerry the mouse. 

How to play:

As the game starts, you'll see some mouse in the gate of the restaurant. Click on one of them to select. And click on the empty table to seat them. They'll raise their hands to make an order. The food is on the other table. So, once they make an order, click on the food they ordered, and click on the customer table to provide them food. Once they are finished eating, they'll leave you money. Click on that coins to collect. 

Pro tip:

If this is your first time playing, never seat more than one customer at the same time. You can not serve all of them. Do not let the customers wave their hand quickly. If they does that, it means they are tired of waiting and can't wait for more. 

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