Tree Top Trouble
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Tree Top Trouble

Tree Top trouble is a multi-mission game where you're given a mission and you need to complete it within a given period of time and limited numbers of a lifeline. This game is based on a cartoon series "Avatar: the Last Airbender" and the character you're playing is Sokka. To make it more interesting, read the storyline before the game starts. 

There are numerous mission in this game. To unlock the next mission, you need to complete the level first.

How to play:

  1. Use left and right arrow key to move left and right respectively. Press these two buttons rapidly to free yourself from jet's grasp.
  2. Press Space Bar to jump.
  3. Press Ctrl to throw the boomerang.
  4.  Press "Up" arrow to climb the ropes.
  5. Press "Down" arrow to climb down and crouch.
  6. Finally, press ''P" to pause the game.

So, these are the only instructions that you need to learn to play this game. 

Pro tip:

Read the full story before the game starts. It helps you to learn about your objectives and briefing. Also, it helps you to finish your mission in time.


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